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  • Drop Leaf

    Drop Leaf

    I almost tabled this post.

  • Splash!


    I’ve done variations of this picture before. This is certainly the splashiest! I like ’em all. :-)


  • Spittin’ wheels

    Spittin’ wheels

    This morning, I was inspired to take a push during lunch. Almost to Starbucks, the sky started spitting. The rain wasn’t supposed to start until after 4, so I figured it wouldn’t get worse. Faulty logic I know, but I stopped anyway. One of my favorite baristas1And a fellow longboarder. :-) who used to work at my favorite Starbucks was there — it was great to catch up.

    The sky continued sputtering on my way home, and the roads got a little wetter, though not enough to get my bearings damp.2At least, I hope not. These bearings are supposed to stay fast for downhill at Tabor.

    I tried taking a wet version of “Afternoon Push.”

    Another great lunch! :-)


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      And a fellow longboarder. :-)
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      At least, I hope not. These bearings are supposed to stay fast for downhill at Tabor.
  • Happy Vernal Equinox!

    Happy Vernal Equinox!

    sprinkles petals

    --Brent Logan (2016)
  • Drops


    After a few days of dry weather, Hillsboro returns to the wet. The rain keeps Oregon green.1Repeat after me… ;-)

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      Repeat after me… ;-)
  • Cannon Beach

    Cannon Beach

    Cannon Beach never fails to delight, regardless of the weather.

    A steady blast from the south has scrubbed the beach clear of its dunes, down to hard-pack sand. Rain only adds to the Oregon fun.

    The tides are higher than I’ve ever seen, nearly reaching the beach’s edge.

    I hope your weekend is going as well as ours.

  • Holy Saturday at Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden

    Holy Saturday at Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden

    This afternoon,1On the eve of Easter or Holy Saturday. Interestingly, this is not the same as Easter Saturday. we decided to visit the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden. On the way, we hit some heavy rain, but the weather was nice when we arrived. We had most of the park to ourselves. When the rain finally arrived at the garden (with a little sleet and hail mixed in for variety) we decided it was time to leave.

  • Morning Commute, Part IX

    Morning Commute, Part IX

    After a couple of days off due to business travel to Arizona, I’m back in the saddle. Today was my first commute in steady rain in a long time.

    Having dry shoes and socks in my DIY bucket pannier was great. A dry change of warmer clothes, though not necessary, was nice too.

    Thanks to the blustery rain, I had a great tailwind most of the way into work. Maybe the wind could calm down before the ride back home. Hmm… The weather forecast doesn’t look promising.

    I hope your commute to work is as enjoyable as mine. :-)

  • Last Day of BTA Bike Commute Challenge

    Today is the last day of the BTA Bicycle Commute Challenge, so of course, I rode my bike to work. I’m so thankful for the rain gear I got for Christmas a couple of years back. That, and the dry shoes I carry in my waterproof bucket pannier.

  • Biking in the Rain

    Earlier this week, I toted my bike to Sacramento so I could ride to work in Folsom. Sacramento has great bike paths that I didn’t want to miss. My Folsom bike commute is about 5.5 miles each way, only an additional mile over my newer, longer commute route in Hillsboro. And I must admit, the scenery along Nimbus Dam and Lake Natoma is beautiful.

    Apparently, Hillsboro got rain while we were away and it continues still. I resolved not to wimp out. After all, it was only a light sprinkle when I left home in the morning and who cares about getting soppy headed home?1And my rain gear is in my pannier.

    While I rode, I thought how much I enjoy2I was going to list the few negatives, but I will save that for another post. I’m not in the mood. :-) riding in the mist.

    • The bike lanes are rinsed clean, dark, and pretty
    • My tires make a neat, swishy sound on the wet pavement
    • Everything smells better, including my nose
    • My blinky lights seem brighter
    • Cars give me more room
    • There’s lots more room at the bike rack
    • Riding in the rain makes me feel ten years old again

    What do you like about riding in the rain?

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      And my rain gear is in my pannier.
    • 2
      I was going to list the few negatives, but I will save that for another post. I’m not in the mood. :-)



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