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  • Threatening Beyond

    fire and furylike the world’s never -a bluff until .–Brent Logan (2017)

  • By a casket still

    By a casket still

    A man lingersBy a casket stillFilled with loveFor the womanInside.–Brent Logan (2017)

  • The Bustle in a House

    The Bustle in a HouseThe Morning after DeathIs solemnest of industriesEnacted upon Earth — The Sweeping up the HeartAnd putting Love awayWe shall not want to use againUntil Eternity — Emily Dickinson The broom is still in my closet. I’m not ready just yet. Thanks to a couple of special friends who shared this poem…

  • Treasured memories of mom

    Treasured memories of mom

    Treasured memoriesFlow gently into the breachThat cannot be filled.–Brent Logan (March 22, 2017) Today I begin to learn how to live without my mom. This isn’t going to be easy. She was a special, spunky person and we are all better for having known and loved her. Rest in peace, mom.

  • Eternity


    Drifting through the voidReformed stellar-debrisBreeds an organic filmTwisting from the glareTo face eternity.Brent Logan (2016)

  • Yellow skies

    Yellow skies

    The sky was colorful this morning.

  • Happy Vernal Equinox!

    Happy Vernal Equinox!

    equinoxrainsprinkles petals–Brent Logan (2016)

  • Coffee Run

    Coffee Run

    Before I get my focus. c[_]

  • Pacific Alchemy

    Pacific Alchemy

    Aqua, terra, aer Spark a seaside alchemy, Calming my nature. –Brent Logan (2016) This is day four of a week of nature photography.