Brent Logan

Picture of Brent LoganEngineer. Lawyer. WordPress geek. Longboarder. Blood donor. Photographer.

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Line of Trees Line of trees A line of trees edges the field and sky.
Electric Snow Electric Snow Last night’s snow and ice “insulates” the electric fence at my photo spot. Or, for a different square edit, here’s … Continue reading “Electric Snow”
Snow in the parking lot Snow in the parking lot The forecast said snow but I didn’t believe it. I should have.

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Awesome Comments

  • “I ADORE this haiku! I keep reading and rereading and shaking my head at the marvelous ambiguity of the final line! You get an A+!” —Kathi
  • “You have some really great beach photos… love them all.” —Sherwin
  • “Brent, your photos are excellent. A real delight.” —Shirley Ann
  • “Your footnotes always crack me up!” —Sherilee
  • “+1” —Shelby