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Brent LoganEngineer. Lawyer. WordPress geek. Longboarder. Blood donor. Photographer.

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HBR: “What Anxiety Does to Us at Work” “What Anxiety Does to Us at Work.” A good, short list by Alice Boyes at of negative tendencies when under stress: You misjudge the view others have of you. You’re defensive about feedback. You avoid situations then get perceived as difficult. You react negatively when presented with unexpected ideas.… Continue reading “HBR: “What Anxiety Does to Us at Work””
Why sociological storytelling matters “The Real Reason Fans Hate the Last Season of Game of Thrones.” A Scientific American article by Zeynep Tufekci on why sociological storytelling matters. Continue reading “Why sociological storytelling matters”
Final Game of Thrones show prediction My prediction: Bran Stark wakes up, for real this time, and realizes the last eight seasons were just a coma dream. No red wedding, no white walkers. He even dreamt the wrong reason for his fall — he was just clumsy. Everyone loves everyone else and the final episode is… Continue reading “Final Game of Thrones show prediction”

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  • “I ADORE this haiku! I keep reading and rereading and shaking my head at the marvelous ambiguity of the final line! You get an A+!” Kathi
  • “You have some really great beach photos… love them all.” Sherwin
  • “Brent, your photos are excellent. A real delight.” Shirley Ann
  • “Your footnotes always crack me up!” Sherilee
  • “You are very much – as is usually the case! – somewhat of an outlier here.” Shelby