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Brent Logan. Engineer. Lawyer. WordPress geek. Longboarder. Blood donor. Photographer. Ally.

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Melissa in the creek with Mousse and Gilligan Longboarding the Banks Vernonia Trail Jamison wanted to longboard the Banks to Vernonia Trail and Suzi and Melissa were willing to shuttle us so we wouldn’t have to do the 3-trip car-shuttle thingie. I couldn’t say no. ;-) Jamison posted on Instagram. (More below…) Suzi and Melissa walked the pups while they waited for… Continue reading “Longboarding the Banks Vernonia Trail”
Stand of trees on Rock Creek Trail Rock Creek Trail on Darth The past couple of evenings, I’ve gone for rides on my new-to-me bike Darth. Staying closish to home, I visited Orenco park and the Rock Creek Trail. The meadow has sure grown since 2014. Continue reading “Rock Creek Trail on Darth”
Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach Cannon Beach with Mousse It had been too long since we’d visited Cannon Beach. This weekend, we corrected that. :-) We took our chairs and a ball and thrower for Mousse. At home, she can take it or leave it when it comes to fetching. At the beach, she must fetch. What a beautiful… Continue reading “Cannon Beach with Mousse”

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  • “I ADORE this haiku! I keep reading and rereading and shaking my head at the marvelous ambiguity of the final line! You get an A+!” Kathi
  • “You have some really great beach photos… love them all.” Sherwin
  • “Brent, your photos are excellent. A real delight.” Shirley Ann
  • “Your footnotes always crack me up!” Sherilee
  • “You are very much – as is usually the case! – somewhat of an outlier here.” Shelby