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  • Haystack Rock by DALL-E

    Haystack Rock by DALL-E

    I wanted to see what DALL-E could create, so I registered an account and provided a simple prompt: “a watercolor painting of sunset over haystack rock at edge of ocean.” These six pictures are the result. So cool!

  • Manzanita, OR photos

    Manzanita, OR photos

    This last Saturday, we decided to head to Manzanita. We figured that with the nice weather, Cannon Beach was going to be crowded. Also, Jamison and I wanted to take some photos and Manzanita seemed as likely a place for that as anywhere. Suzi and I had been there recently, and I wanted to take…

  • Cannon Beach escape

    Cannon Beach escape

    This past Monday afternoon, Suzi and I made a quick escape to Cannon Beach to watch the sunset. We arrived with less than an hour to spare and parked at the beach end of Second Ave. Barely on the sand, I noted we wouldn’t want to walk very far. After all, those clouds over the…

  • Cannon Beach weekend

    Cannon Beach weekend

    This past weekend, Suzi and I visited Cannon Beach to celebrate our recent anniversary. Friday evening, we watched the Rock from our balcony. The next morning, we relaxed. We walked the beach, visited Insomnia, and walked the beach some more. At low tide, we wandered around the rocks. I found a few sea anenomes, but…

  • Cannon Beach Sunset

    Cannon Beach Sunset

    Cannon Beach at sunset is so peaceful and relaxing.

  • Cape Disappointment

    Cape Disappointment

    Heather had an idea: let’s go to Cape Disappointment and see some lighthouses. What a great idea!

  • Sunset puddle

    Sunset puddle

    The sun set behind the tree beyond the puddle in the road.

  • My favorite photos of 2019

    My favorite photos of 2019

    Every year, I post my favorite photos. Some years, I’ve been able to cut it down to my top ten, but not this year. For that matter, I couldn’t limit myself to fewer than eleven photos from Cannon Beach… :-D Many years, I’ve also posted my top nine from Instagram, but again, not this year,…

  • Cannon Beach Live Sunset

    Cannon Beach Live Sunset

    Sunset at Cannon Beach is pretty special. I just can’t get there every evening. Thankfully, KGW8 offers a live webcam. Tonight’s view was gorgeous!