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  • Biking in the Rain

    Earlier this week, I toted my bike to Sacramento so I could ride to work in Folsom. Sacramento has great bike paths that I didn’t want to miss. My Folsom bike commute is about 5.5 miles each way, only an additional mile over my newer, longer commute route in Hillsboro. And I must admit, the scenery along Nimbus Dam and Lake Natoma is beautiful.

    Apparently, Hillsboro got rain while we were away and it continues still. I resolved not to wimp out. After all, it was only a light sprinkle when I left home in the morning and who cares about getting soppy headed home?1And my rain gear is in my pannier.

    While I rode, I thought how much I enjoy2I was going to list the few negatives, but I will save that for another post. I’m not in the mood. :-) riding in the mist.

    • The bike lanes are rinsed clean, dark, and pretty
    • My tires make a neat, swishy sound on the wet pavement
    • Everything smells better, including my nose
    • My blinky lights seem brighter
    • Cars give me more room
    • There’s lots more room at the bike rack
    • Riding in the rain makes me feel ten years old again

    What do you like about riding in the rain?

    • 1
      And my rain gear is in my pannier.
    • 2
      I was going to list the few negatives, but I will save that for another post. I’m not in the mood. :-)
  • Nimbus Morning

    Nimbus Morning

    Waiting for a green light, I lowered the window and raised my camera. Snap!

  • Not Just Another Ride to Work

    Not Just Another Ride to Work

    Another trip to Folsom, this time by car. Although the drive is long, there are some benefits — for example, being able to strap my bike to the back.

    This morning, I rode my bike to work along Lake Natoma. I had to stop a moment to look at the oak trees across the field. Beautiful!

  • Good Morning, Nimbus Dam
  • Commute by Bike in Folsom

    Commute by Bike in Folsom

    I brought my bike along as we deliver Melissa to college so I could bike to work in Folsom. That’s a first for me.

    I was able to ride along the American River bike trail part of the way, so I took some pictures. I made a mistake, took a wrong turn, and ended up going over the freeway, so I could see all the poor drivers trapped in their “cages.” So sad on such a beautiful day… :-(

    Update. Of course, the commute goes both directions, but after work, I biked to brother Bob’s house and enjoyed his cool pool with the rest of the family (but not Bob, but that’s a story for another day). Ah, the perfect way to end a day. Grandma and Grandpa brought food over for a picnic supper. Nice!

    I then biked along Lake Natoma back to the Logan family “bed and breakfast.”


    Actual Time Moving1:26:37 h:m:s
    Distance20.14 miles
    Average Speed14.0 miles per hour
    Maximum Speed30.4 miles per hour
  • Nimbus Dam With All 18 Gates Open

    Nimbus Dam With All 18 Gates Open

    Nimbus Dam is shown releasing water through all of its eighteen gates. That’s not something you see every day.



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