Morning Commute, Part IX

After a couple of days off due to business travel to Arizona, I’m back in the saddle. Today was my first commute in steady rain in a long time.

Having dry shoes and socks in my DIY bucket pannier was great. A dry change of warmer clothes, though not necessary, was nice too.

Thanks to the blustery rain, I had a great tailwind most of the way into work. Maybe the wind could calm down before the ride back home. Hmm… The weather forecast doesn’t look promising.

I hope your commute to work is as enjoyable as mine. :-)

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2 responses to “Morning Commute, Part IX”

  1. Shirley Ann Avatar
    Shirley Ann

    You have a beautiful ride to work… happy trails to you!

  2. Brent Logan Avatar

    Thanks! It does make the ride fun. :-)

    Have a great day!