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  • Biking in the Rain

    Earlier this week, I toted my bike to Sacramento so I could ride to work in Folsom. Sacramento has great bike paths that I didn’t want to miss. My Folsom bike commute is about 5.5 miles each way, only an additional mile over my newer, longer commute route in Hillsboro. And I must admit, the…

  • Puddle Pitter Patter

    Puddle Pitter Patter

    Pitter-patter in a parking lot puddle.

  • Rain!


    It’s finally raining! And I’m on my bike. I wouldn’t miss this. :-) Update: It’s getting better/wetter.

  • Rain in the Forecast :-)

    Rain in the Forecast :-)

    Q: How do you excite an Oregonian? A: Forecast rain after months of dry. We’re so excited! It’s nearly time to break out the bicycling rain gear. :-)

  • Cool, overcast, and sprinkles

    Cool, overcast, and sprinkles. It’s so nice of Anaheim to make me feel at home. :-)

  • Biking in the Rain

    I’ve biked home in the rain before but it’s been more of an accident than intentional. I’d ride and then it would start raining. Not today. I checked the weather forecast in the morning; it would rain all day. According to our trusty weather rock, rain was falling right now. Suzi told me last night…

  • Dixie Horizon

    Dixie Horizon

    We made another trek to the Walla Walla valley to visit family. The count was 27 — kudos to Ron and Cherie for being willing to host the family, yet again. Walla Walla was invisible from Dixie’s hills, obscured by the clouds, fog, and rain.

  • Another View From 3A

    Another View From 3A

    Only one flight today but I sat in 3A twice. My first plane made it as far as the end of the runway before turning around for another check by maintenance. My second plane flew just fine — and that’s what matters. Sitting in 3A, waiting for a rerun of the safety announcements, I shot…

  • Riding Under the Influence of Rain

    Riding Under the Influence of Rain

    Standing up in my cube mid-afternoon, I glanced out the windows. What?! Rain? Oops! I had gone home during lunch to take the car to Suzi and work from home. Checking the weather report and seeing no rain predicted for a couple of days, I figured I’d try out my new rear fender, front and…