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  • Places To Go

    Places To Go

  • The View from 10B

    The View from 10B

    I didn’t get a window seat flying from Sacramento to Portland this evening, but as the sun was setting, I had to pull out my camera. The spring breaking college student sitting next to me lowered her book and leaned back so I had a clear view out the window. Nice! :-)

  • Headed Home: Planes, Trains, and Buses

    Headed Home: Planes, Trains, and Buses

    My trip home from Folsom was, shall we say, “eventful.” Leaving the Folsom site shortly after 5 pm, traffic through downtown Sacramento was light, dropping off the rental car was easy, and TSA was quick and professional. I boarded the plane and settled in to read my new book, . Then, somehow, something changed… The…

  • Sitting in the SMF terminal, waiting…

    Sitting in the SMF terminal, waiting for Horizon to fix the chimes on their plane. #delay

  • Headed Home

    Headed Home

    Walking out to the car, I saw this. Now, you do too.

  • A View From 12E

    A View From 12E

    Today, Melissa and I flew from Portland to Sacramento. She was returning to college after Thanksgiving break; I was headed to Folsom for work. Because we didn’t make our reservations together, our seats weren’t either. The counter agent wasn’t able to locate adjacent seats, only near each other. Upon boarding, I sat by Melissa and…

  • Another View From 3A

    Another View From 3A

    Only one flight today but I sat in 3A twice. My first plane made it as far as the end of the runway before turning around for another check by maintenance. My second plane flew just fine — and that’s what matters. Sitting in 3A, waiting for a rerun of the safety announcements, I shot…

  • Objects in the Sky

    Objects in the Sky

    On the way to work, I stopped at my favorite photo spot and took pictures in the standard two directions. Both pictures include objects not normally included. The temperature was a cool 50°, perfect for biking. Day 14 on the bike this year. :-)