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  • Pre-dawn horizon

    Pre-dawn horizon

    The horizon always looks cleaner, smoother from the air. And it’s just a little more fun when it’s the tops of the clouds making the horizon.

  • A Big Moon

    A Big Moon

    People think the moon looks bigger when it’s near the horizon. It’s true. The moon does look bigger near the horizon. Usually, when we see the moon, it’s up in the sky, away from the horizon. If it appears by a tree, it’s a close tree, maybe the tree in the neighbor’s yard. The moon…

  • Sitting in the SMF terminal, waiting…

    Sitting in the SMF terminal, waiting for Horizon to fix the chimes on their plane. #delay

  • Dixie Horizon

    Dixie Horizon

    We made another trek to the Walla Walla valley to visit family. The count was 27 — kudos to Ron and Cherie for being willing to host the family, yet again. Walla Walla was invisible from Dixie’s hills, obscured by the clouds, fog, and rain.

  • A View From 12E

    A View From 12E

    Today, Melissa and I flew from Portland to Sacramento. She was returning to college after Thanksgiving break; I was headed to Folsom for work. Because we didn’t make our reservations together, our seats weren’t either. The counter agent wasn’t able to locate adjacent seats, only near each other. Upon boarding, I sat by Melissa and…