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  • Seal


    Looking out the south end of SMF terminal B.

  • SMF Terminal B Skybridge

    SMF Terminal B Skybridge

    After dropping Melissa off for a flight home, I headed back to the car through SMF’s Terminal B skybridge.

  • Recent Shots

    Recent Shots

    A few shots from the past week or so.

  • Looking Up

    Looking Up

    While waiting for a flight at Sacramento’s airport, I looked up.

  • Live-Action SMF Shot

    Live-Action SMF Shot

    I showed up early for my flight home tonight and the flight was delayed. Balance in the universe is maintained. What are the odds that I would find someone I know in the SMF airport? You’re right — zero. But it didn’t stop me from trying. In my search, I walked by a shop selling…

  • SMF Photowalk

    SMF Photowalk

    I arrived at SMF with too much time on my hands and a camera. Problem solved.

  • SMF Sunset

    SMF Sunset

    Heading to the airport after a couple of days in Folsom, I watched the sunset through the oleanders as I drove north out of Sacramento. The freeway turned west toward the airport and the Sacramento River, the light show playing dead ahead. Taking the airport exit, I turned left away from the airport, over the…

  • A View From the Left Side

    A View From the Left Side

    Nighttime flights don’t result in great views of the ground. And rush seating doesn’t always result in me remembering where I sat.

  • A View From 3A

    A View From 3A

    Flying home, I took more pictures out of the plane window (and finished another book).