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  • Family Vacation — 2020

    Family Vacation — 2020

    This last week we had our yearly summer family vacation. This entry is as much diary as pictures.


    After an atypical last workday before vacation day, we packed up and headed off to our family summer vacation. A couple of the kids had left earlier in the day, taking a kayak and a dog. We were left to transport the food and five bikes. With Jamison packing the car, everything we needed to take fit, but just barely. We arrived late in the evening at the same place we’ve stayed the last two years.


    Once again, I enjoyed my early morning walks with Gilligan. It’s a nice way to start the day for both of us. We walked together every day except the final day. Some days, we repeated our walk shortly after returning, joining Ashley and Mousse on their walk.

    Later in the day, we visited Crater Lake. I was the only one in the family who’d been there before,1Well, that’s not exactly correct. Jamison had been to Crater Lake about a month before. and yet, I have no memories of the lake itself. To be fair, it was a long time ago. My family wasn’t believing the two stories I told about my previous visit until brother Bob confirmed them via text. Maybe they still don’t believe…

    We drove to the east rim and watched the sunset. Mmm…


    On Sunday, most of us kayaked from La Pine State Park to Big River Campground. Allegedly, this can be paddled in a couple of hours. We prefer to float as members of the dry paddle club, nearly doubling the time.


    Sparks Lake was on the itinerary for Monday. We played fetch with the dogs. We kayaked and Heather SUP’d. I read a John Grisham novel.

    Somehow I took no pictures of this scenic lake.


    On Tuesday, Heather, Jamison, and I went for a short bike ride to the bridge that ended up going to the village and up the east side. Nice!

    Later, we all hiked the obsidian flow near East Lake.


    Our kids

    On Wednesday, we biked and took our traditional family photo on the bridge. This might have been the day I did a puzzle.

    As you can tell, our days are packed with activities. ;-)


    Thursday, we hiked around Todd Lake. It was overcast and misting.


    Friday, Suzi and I biked to the bridge. We returned to Sparks Lake for sunset. Ashley and Kevin rejoined the group.


    Benham Falls

    More bike riding, this time, to Benham Falls.

    Late in the day, Ashley, Kevin, and Jamison decided to kayak from Harper’s Bridge to below the Sunriver bridge. They could take out on the other side, accessible through forest roads.

    Unfortunately, the forest road was blocked by a closed gate and it was getting dark. Could a transfer happen on the other side of the bridge? Suzi’s text has the answer.

    Everything is going smoothly. It's dark and we are ninjas


    One last bike ride to the bridge, a trip to the village for a cool drink, and it was time to head home.

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      Well, that’s not exactly correct. Jamison had been to Crater Lake about a month before.
  • A View From 18E

    A View From 18E

    A couple of old standby views from my flight from Portland to Sacramento.

  • A View From 16E

    A View From 16E

    Another trip to Folsom for work. Having a window seat, I spent most of my time watching the ground fly by.

  • 3E and Me

    3E and Me

    The trip to Sacramento was uneventful. Well, maybe not quite. I did sit by Tim, who works sqrt(2) cubes from me, and learn what he does. And I was able to identify Mt. Thielsen, the unknown peak from last week’s post.


  • A View From 12E

    A View From 12E

    Today, Melissa and I flew from Portland to Sacramento. She was returning to college after Thanksgiving break; I was headed to Folsom for work.

    Because we didn’t make our reservations together, our seats weren’t either. The counter agent wasn’t able to locate adjacent seats, only near each other. Upon boarding, I sat by Melissa and watched for a confused look from another passenger. The person whose seat I occupied sat across the aisle from me minus the telltale befuddlement; it was the next displaced passenger who arrived with perplexity. Ha! She offered to sit in my assigned seat and all was well. Well, almost. Melissa and I then swapped seats so I could snap pictures while she drowsed against my shoulder.

    I trust your return to “normal life” after Thanksgiving break also included the requisite discombobulation.

    Update. On a later flight, I was able to identify the “unknown peak” as the eastern flank of Mt. Thielsen.



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