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  • PDX photowalk

    PDX photowalk

    Recently, I had an extra hour at Portland’s airport. I was half an hour early and Jamison’s plane was half an hour late. Knowing I’d be early, I’d taken my camera. I explored the MAX station, through the South tunnel to the new rental car area, and along the ride-hailing pickup zone.

  • Going downhill at Mt. Tabor

    Going downhill at Mt. Tabor

    Wednesday means Mt. Tabor. Unfortunately, longboarding is just not the same thing without Jamison. Little buddy! I did some runs from the bottom third or so. It’s the most efficient considering the run’s length vs. the return walking length. And it does eliminate the risk of all but one blind corner, a good thing when…

  • Mt. Tabor and Mt. Hood

    Mt. Tabor and Mt. Hood

    Mt. Tabor and Mt. Hood — a couple of my favorite mountains!

  • Home again

    Home again

    So nice to be back home again. Even better to be met at the airport by my sweetie. :-) And it goes without saying: PDX continues to have the best carpet. ;-)

  • The bridge to PDX

    The bridge to PDX

    About a week ago, Suzi and I dropped Melissa off at the airport. Normally, I park on the fourth floor of short term parking because that is the skybridge floor. As I got off the ramp, I noticed the sign said one parking space was available. What?! There was a car ahead of me, too.…

  • Portland Photowalk

    Portland Photowalk

    Jamison wanted a ride to the east side this morning, so I played taxi driver. While waiting for Jamison to get done, I walked Portland with Ashley’s camera. :-)

  • Flower


    Portland’s International Rose Test Garden is a beautiful walk from the NW 23rd neighborhood. I spotted this flower along the way.

  • Marquam Bridge Ramps

    Marquam Bridge Ramps

    On the east bank of the Willamette River, ramps lead to the Marquam Bridge.

  • Tilikum Crossing

    Tilikum Crossing

    I’m looking forward to walking across Tilikum Crossing.