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  • Family Vacation — 2020

    Family Vacation — 2020

    This last week we had our yearly summer family vacation. This entry is as much diary as pictures. Friday After an atypical last workday before vacation day, we packed up and headed off to our family summer vacation. A couple of the kids had left earlier in the day, taking a kayak and a dog.…

  • Sunriver family vacation — 2019

    Sunriver family vacation — 2019

    Friday Five bikes on the car and we’re ready for fun. We have arrived at Sunriver for our summer family vacation of 2019. Warning: This is a long post with lots of pictures. Enjoy! ;-) Unlike some of our earlier visits to Sunriver, we have no biking mileage goals. Our goals are relaxation, fun, and…

  • Sunriver Family Vacation — 2018

    Sunriver Family Vacation — 2018

    I’m posting this more than a year late. Not sure why I didn’t earlier, but I have my theories… Both Kevin and I got sick this vacation, resulting in a fair amount of downtime. It was still relaxing. I just didn’t end up with many pictures. Kevin even missed our kayaking float. :-( And it…

  • Kayaking With Mousse On Sunset Lake

    Kayaking With Mousse On Sunset Lake

    For our Saturday excursion, Suzi and I rented four kayaks to explore Sunset Lake. Ashley got a larger life vest for Mousse. Suzi, Ashley, Heather, and I boarded our kayaks. Ashley had Mousse join her. Things went swimmingly until Mousse went swimming. Thanks to Mousse’s life vest and its handle, Ashley was able to get…

  • Sunriver Summer Vacation 2012, Day 6

    Sunriver Summer Vacation 2012, Day 6

    Yesterday, I complained I didn’t take enough pictures and promised to make up for it. Today, I think I overdid it. These are just a few of the pictures (and I may yet pare them down). We started the day by bicycling (as usual). Suzi and Melissa joined the 100-mile club on our morning ride.…