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  • Kayaking With Mousse On Sunset Lake

    Kayaking With Mousse On Sunset Lake

    For our Saturday excursion, Suzi and I rented four kayaks to explore Sunset Lake. Ashley got a larger life vest for Mousse. Suzi, Ashley, Heather, and I boarded our kayaks. Ashley had Mousse join her. Things went swimmingly until Mousse went swimming. Thanks to Mousse’s life vest and its handle, Ashley was able to get…

  • Happy Birthday, Suzi!

    Happy Birthday, Suzi!

    For Suzi’s birthday, we kayaked the Willamette River. We rented from Portland Kayak Company and launched from Willamette Park. We cruised around East Island while I took a bunch of pictures. It was Kevin’s and Yuna’s first times on kayaks — you wouldn’t have known. We all had a blast! We need to do this…

  • Happy Anniversary, Suzi!

    Happy Anniversary, Suzi!

    According to a classic legend, a roman matron asked Rabbi Yosi, “What has your God been doing since finishing the creation of the world?” He replied, “God has been busy making matches.” (Source) I like to think that God made a match of Suzi and me. That makes Suzi a gift from heaven. Happy anniversary,…

  • Brent Logan

    Brent Logan <3 Suzi!

    For Valentine’s Day, a temporary blog rename is appropriate. :-)

  • Merry Christmas from our Family to Yours

    Merry Christmas from our Family to Yours

    Merry Christmas! We celebrated this morning by sleeping in, looking in our stockings, then opening too many presents. First, we posed for pictures in front of the Christmas tree. Ho! Ho! Ho! *<:-)

  • Sunset at Lincoln City

    Sunset at Lincoln City

    Thanks to a last-minute invite from Dave and Rachel, we are spending another marvelous weekend at Lincoln City. Friday evening, we went to Road’s End State Park to watch the sunset. Update. I took a video using my cheap camera. Here it is.

  • I think it was the Eleventh of June

    I think it was the Eleventh of June

    What a beautiful day! If anything, it was too hot. Checking the weather said we got to 68° today — toasty. We went to Rood Bridge Park, crashed a couple of senior “open house” parties, and enjoyed the sun. I had to take a sky shot from the shade, where I was trying to stay…

  • OMSI Fieldtrip

    OMSI Fieldtrip

    As Ashley would say, “¡Pura Vida!”

  • Hearts, Part V

    Hearts, Part V

    I went out early to warm up the car before leaving for church. Imagine my surprise to find heart number five taped to my frosty drivers-side window with “Love you” inscribed. Thanks, Suzi! I love you too. :-) Who knew Suzi even reads my blog? Too cool. It’s time to mix it up. Hearts can’t…