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  • Three dogs on a walk

    Three dogs on a walk

    Melissa recently bought a dual leash so one of us could take both Oakley and Gilligan on a walk. We have been amazed at how well it works. Now, because reasons, we have all three granddogs at our house for a short time. I decided to try taking all three dogs on a walk by…

  • Cannon Beach Sunset

    Cannon Beach Sunset

    “Mom’s going to be home from work soon. Wanna go to the beach?” Oh, that ranks right up there on my list of favorite questions. :-) Doing the math, an hour fifteen there, we would have about 15 minutes at the beach before sunset, stay at the beach a while longer, then an hour fifteen…

  • Sunriver family vacation — 2019

    Sunriver family vacation — 2019

    Friday Five bikes on the car and we’re ready for fun. We have arrived at Sunriver for our summer family vacation of 2019. Warning: This is a long post with lots of pictures. Enjoy! ;-) Unlike some of our earlier visits to Sunriver, we have no biking mileage goals. Our goals are relaxation, fun, and…

  • Mousse and Gilligan

    Mousse and Gilligan

    All quiet on the home front — until it isn’t…

  • Adventures in Portland

    Adventures in Portland

    With Ashley, Melissa, Jamison, and Mousse inviting me to a hike in Forest Park, the day’s plans were clear. We hiked up the Ridge Trail from the south end of St. Johns Bridge. After our hike, we visited Cathedral Park.

  • Recent shots

    Recent shots

    A grab bag from recent trips to Salt Lake City and Corvallis and happenings in between.

  • Happy birthday, Mousse!

    Happy birthday, Mousse!

    Today Mousse turned four. To celebrate, we got her a Puppuccino, walked Central Park and Orenco Station, and let her choose a birthday present at the pet store. Happy birthday, Mousse! Btw, I took a bunch of pictures, hoping to get a good one. They automatically backup to Google, which detects similar pictures and makes…

  • Quick evening trip to Cannon Beach

    Quick evening trip to Cannon Beach

    Late afternoon, Ashley knocked on my door. “Dad, are you almost done working? Would you want to go to Cannon Beach to see the sunset?” In a few minutes, the three of us were out the door and on our way. We made it to the beach with enough time to hike to Haystack Rock…

  • Mousse poses for a Christmas portrait

    Mousse poses for a Christmas portrait

    Mousse, surrounded by love, poses for a Christmas portrait. Her expression makes clear her plight — “Save me!” :-D