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  • Cape Meares Lighthouse on film

    Cape Meares Lighthouse on film

    When Jamison and I visited Cape Meares Lighthouse on New Year’s Eve, we both took film cameras. I received the scans just today. I like the look. The roll had jammed partway through. Worse, the film got scratched on its way through the film box. I’m going to try to fix that. Sorry, Bob… I’m…

  • Punch Bowl Falls hike*

    Punch Bowl Falls hike*

    *A post where we don’t get to Punch Bowl falls and do more than hike. Yesterday, Jamison announced to Suzi and me that he was going to go for a hike to Punch Bowl Falls. That sounded like fun to me and another opportunity to take some pictures. Little did I know. I sort of…

  • [Link] Hell on Two Wheels, Until the E-Bike’s Battery Runs Out

    Hell on Two Wheels, Until the E-Bike’s Battery Runs Out. The New Yorker writes a nice article on e-bikes. For context, this past year I bought a Tern HSD P9 Performance ebike and love it! HT: Roman Meliška on Mastodon.

  • Cape Meares Lighthouse

    Cape Meares Lighthouse

    This afternoon, Jamison and I went to Cape Meares Lighthouse to take some photos. We both decided to use film. I got Bob’s old Pentax MX with the 50mm f1.4 lens. On the way, I swapped the button batteries and verified that the light meter worked. I then loaded some Kodak Portra 400 from Jamison.…

  • Stormy Cannon Beach

    Stormy Cannon Beach

    Monday evening, Suzi and I were relaxing before bed when the lights at the inn blinked. They were out only a couple of seconds and we were glad when they came back on. Unfortunately, not that much later, they went out again … and then stayed out. We still had internet, so I was able…

  • Rainy Cannon Beach

    Rainy Cannon Beach

    Post-Christmas and the kids are all out of the house this week, so Suzi and I decided to take a quick trip ourselves. We headed off to Cannon Beach to see the Rock, the tides, and the waves. We detoured to Seaside first but it was so rainy that we barely got out of the…

  • Trestle at Buxton Trailhead

    Trestle at Buxton Trailhead

    On Christmas Eve, Suzi, Jamison, and I explored a bit. With the freeze of the last few days, we decided against driving over the coastal range to see the King Tides at Cannon Beach. Instead, we drove to L.L. Stub Stewart Park and tested the limits of traction by trying to walk in the parking…

  • Hello Mastodon

    With my “favorite” billionaire doing his best to destroy Twitter, it seemed like a good time to try an alternative. I’m now Give me a follow. I might even post something. Hope to see you there! Update: I’ve already moved Mastodon servers, from to I updated the link above to my new…

  • More by DALL-E

    More by DALL-E

    I had some more fun playing around with DALL-E. It feels like the first time I used a word processor: it’s so easy to create something new. All I’m missing is the imagination. Orchids Lighthouses Golden Poppies