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  • Q400 exhaust

    Q400 exhaust

    This weekend, I flew from Portland to Sacramento and back. Time for an engine shot!

  • My favorite photos of 2014

    My favorite photos of 2014

    Arranged in no particular order,1 are my seventeen2 favorite photos I made in 2014. In fact, they are arranged in random order. Refresh the page to see another order. Have fun! Do it again and again. ;-) Last year, I was able to limit myself to my 10 favorite photos. This year, I couldn’t make…

  • View from the Back of the Bus

    View from the Back of the Bus

    Headed home from Folsom, I chose the last seat on the left side of the plane, hoping to repeat a shot I took more than a year ago. It’s interesting how the different cameras show the same view. I shot this one with my Samsung Galaxy S5, last year’s most likely with a Canon PowerShot…

  • A View From 3A

    A View From 3A

    Flying home, I looked out the window to see the setting sun reflected on the nacelle and leading edge of the wing.

  • Intake Lip

    Intake Lip

    Looking out the window this morning.

  • Looking Out the Left

    Looking Out the Left

  • A View From the Left Side

    A View From the Left Side

    Nighttime flights don’t result in great views of the ground. And rush seating doesn’t always result in me remembering where I sat.

  • A View From 3A

    A View From 3A

    Flying home, I took more pictures out of the plane window (and finished another book).

  • A View From 3E

    A View From 3E

    After a month or so of not traveling, it’s back on the “road” again. Thanks to my trip to Taipei last year, I get the shorter TSA lines and can sit near the front of the plane. I’m not sure I like the front any better than the far back. Either gets you off the…