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  • Foggy MAX Station

    Foggy MAX Station

    An early foggy morning, I found myself at the MAX station, alone. Either I just missed the train or I forgot to adjust my watch for Pacific Standard Time. Actually, I was early, but it was intentional. The first week after time changes is a great time to get up early. And fog is a…

  • MAX in the mist

    MAX in the mist

    A couple of weeks back, the cloud approached the ground. MAX lead the way.

  • Dixie Fog

    Dixie Fog

    A quick trip to Dixie over the weekend yielded foggy photos.

  • Fog-Pressed Earth

    Fog-Pressed Earth

    Raw earth, pressed down by fog.

  • Rowena Fog

    Rowena Fog

    Another family trip up the Gorge, a quick stop at Mayer State Park. I imagine this spot is beautiful in the early morning.

  • Friendly Cloud

    Friendly Cloud

    After this morning’s over the top photo editing, I endeavored to share a photo with no editing other than cropping to my preferred aspect ratio.

  • Burning Fog

    Burning Fog

    Morning in the neighborhood.

  • Dixie Horizon

    Dixie Horizon

    We made another trek to the Walla Walla valley to visit family. The count was 27 — kudos to Ron and Cherie for being willing to host the family, yet again. Walla Walla was invisible from Dixie’s hills, obscured by the clouds, fog, and rain.

  • Bleakness


    This morning’s picture from my favorite commute photo spot is a little bleak.