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  • East Lake Family Vacation

    East Lake Family Vacation

    This past weekend, for the third summer in the row, we all visited East Lake. Thanks to Kristi and Troy, we had an abundance of kayaks, a canoe, and a “relaxation station” to play with. Matt and Erica brought another canoe and a stand-up paddleboard. We all brought our swimsuits and sunscreen, though many didn’t…

  • My favorite photos of 2016

    My favorite photos of 2016

    At the end of every year, I review the pictures I’ve posted here and select a few I’m most proud of. This year is no exception. Enjoy! And one animation, for fun. :-) Do you have a favorite? Update. Like last year, there’s a site that generates a collage of an account’s nine most-liked Instagram…

  • Logan family reunion, 2016

    Logan family reunion, 2016

    Continuing my trend, I took a bunch of pictures at the biennial Logan family reunion, but none include anyone recognizable. ;-) We had a great time, talking, getting caught up, cooking and eating, meeting, and playing games. Some of us held snakes. Many of us spent virtually no time online as there was no cell…

  • Goldfinches at the feeders

    Goldfinches at the feeders

    I cleaned and filled the bird feeders one morning earlier this week. I asked Suzi how long she thought until we’d have visitors. She was confident our feeders would see use by that same afternoon. And she was right! I was at the computer with my back to the feeders when Suzi said there were…

  • Insomnia’s New Unofficial Spokesmodel

    A friend of mine has taken to posting pictures of himself enjoying his Insomnia quad shot breve latte on the weekends. Today, his posting of multiple pictures called for the gif treatment. This had to be done. Enjoy! c[_]

  • Fan


    Alternative versions. Click to embiggen. Do you like one of these better?

  • Flying By Mount Shasta

    Flying By Mount Shasta

    Flying by Mount Shasta, I took a bunch of pictures and made a large animated GIF (3.31 MB).

  • Cannon Beach

    Cannon Beach

    We took a quick trip to Cannon Beach because the weather was so nice. We walked from W 2nd street to just beyond Haystack Rock and back. On the way back, I took a picture every ten paces to create a time lapse of the walk. Because of a disappearing cell phone, we walked the…

  • Puddle Pitter Patter

    Puddle Pitter Patter

    Pitter-patter in a parking lot puddle.