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  • XKCD: All the Fun Parts of Life are Optional

    I love the mouseover text: “The only things you HAVE to know are how to make enough of a living to stay alive and how to get your taxes done. All the fun parts of life are optional.” Keep learning. :-) Comic credit: XKCD. Used by permission.

  • Happiness is learning

    Happiness is learning something new. :-)

  • Biking in the Mist: Lessons Learned

    Biking in the Mist: Lessons Learned

    Even though today’s weather forecast is rain, I pedaled my bike to work. Along the way, hearing raindrops sprinkle on my helmet, I learned a few things: When the weather rock is damp, the humidity is 100%. Don’t expect much evaporative cooling. It’s better to slow down. Drinking an extra-hot white mocha while riding may…

  • Learning Names

    I love being greeted by name. It feels good when someone cares enough to learn my name. I know people who seem to know everyone’s name. My pastor Terry can walk down the aisle, shaking hands and greeting everyone by name. Art is always introducing me to someone new. And Chris the barista not only…