Field across from the Hillsboro airport

Biking in the Mist: Lessons Learned

Even though today’s weather forecast is rain, I pedaled my bike to work. Along the way, hearing raindrops sprinkle on my helmet, I learned a few things:

  • When the weather rock is damp, the humidity is 100%. Don’t expect much evaporative cooling. It’s better to slow down.
  • Drinking an extra-hot white mocha while riding may save time over sitting down to drink it, but it made me hot. It’s better to keep the ride slower or take the time to enjoy it properly. Skipping it isn’t really an option. ;-) c[_]
  • Handlebars are not cup holders, but brake levers make great foam catchers.
  • Covered bike parking makes biking on questionable days worth the risk. Thanks, Intel!
  • Regardless of the weather, biking to work is fun.

And worse weather makes for better bragging rights. Day 12 on the bike this year.