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  • Cannon Beach escape

    Cannon Beach escape

    This past Monday afternoon, Suzi and I made a quick escape to Cannon Beach to watch the sunset. We arrived with less than an hour to spare and parked at the beach end of Second Ave. Barely on the sand, I noted we wouldn’t want to walk very far. After all, those clouds over the…

  • Clouds of inattention

    Clouds of inattention

    Before heading upstairs, I found myself in the backyard with the granddogs. To give them some unneeded privacy, I looked up to the evening sky.

  • Lunch Ride

    Lunch Ride

    I rode by the same field and took pretty much the same picture. And then I took a different way home. One nice thing about a slower bike is that I explore closer to home. I hope you are finding time for safe adventures, too!

  • OAK to PDX in the clouds

    OAK to PDX in the clouds

    Sometimes, clouds are the most interesting sights on a flight.

  • Out the window

    Out the window

    Good morning!

  • Puffy


    Riding home through Dawson Creek Park, I stopped to admire some clouds. This picture is currently my desktop image, blog background, and Facebook and Twitter header images.

  • Pole


    During lunch, I have been biking over to inspect the construction on Brookwood Parkway and NW Huffman Street. There is a new industrial park going in north of Huffman and Brookwood is being widened to include more lanes, bike lanes, and sidewalks. Just this week, all the trees along the sides and in the median…

  • Oak Field

    Oak Field

    Bicycling home from work this evening, I watched the clouds over my shoulder. At the old oak tree across from the airport, I stopped to take a picture.

  • Sunrise over the Oregon Cascades

    Sunrise over the Oregon Cascades

    One benefit of having my flight delayed while the fog lifted in Sacramento was seeing a beautiful sunrise over the Oregon Cascades.