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  • Dawson Creek photos

    Dawson Creek photos

    Suzi, Jamison, and I took a circuitous walk around all the ponds at Dawson Creek. We found some cool mushrooms and took the obligatory photo at the second tunnel.

  • Return loop

    Return loop

    A couple of weeks ago, I last biked my local loop through the neighborhoods, Dawson Creek park, and fields. I repeated it again today, thinking that the wheat field would be stubble. Not yet.

  • Hearts, Part VIII

    Hearts, Part VIII

    Our local Dawson Creek park has a tunnel high schoolers pose in for their senior portraits. Its interior is painted black, now flat black, so taggers can use chalk instead of spray paint. This gambit is only partially successful. Regardless, after a quick pressure wash and a fresh coat, it’s primed for more artwork. I…

  • Photo Walk

    Photo Walk

    Driving by the airport, I noticed daisies growing on the bank across the street. I parked at the nearest spot and walked back, taking pictures along the way. I met up with Ashley and Mousse. We walked through Orenco Station, then back to Dawson Creek where I took a picture of my favorite grove of…

  • Zig Zag

    Zig Zag

    A straight line is not always the best path between two points.

  • Rebirth


    Walking around Dawson Creek Park, I found this tree budding by a newly plowed field. By the way, I learned something useful writing this post. Since joining Instagram, I have wanted to post my Instagram pictures on my blog. I find the Instagram editor to be simple to use. It also makes what I can…

  • Dawson Creek flowers

    Dawson Creek flowers

    Biking through Dawson Creek park on the way home this evening, I noticed little white flowers all over the place. I hadn’t noticed them before.

  • B&W photo challenge, day 3

    B&W photo challenge, day 3

    I have a swell commute. I ride my bike, rain or shine, about four and a half miles to work. At the end of the day, I ride back home. My commute could be a mile shorter each way, but that would have me biking on a narrower, curvier road where the traffic tends to…

  • Daily Commute IV

    Daily Commute IV

    Work this morning started with a 7 AM meeting. After the meeting, I headed off to work on my bike. In Dawson Creek Park, I saw some ducklings for the second time this season and the three families of Canada geese with goslings that hang out together. Although they’ve had gray coloration for a while,…