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  • Happiness Is

    Happiness is a fridge covered with pictures. :-)

  • The View From 23A

    The View From 23A

    I flew home with Melissa. She was good company and put up with my continual picture taking.

  • The View From 3A

    The View From 3A

    Another flight means another picture post. Usually, when I fly between Portland and Sacramento, I get a window seat on the right side so I can see Crater Lake. I was hoping to see something different, so I reserved a left-side window seat. We took off, crested the clouds, and headed south. I snapped some…

  • A Passing Storm

    A Passing Storm

    If you don’t like the weather in Walla Walla…

  • Park Bench

    Park Bench

  • Hillsboro Fourth of July Parade 2008

    Jamison rode in Engine 104 in the Hillsboro Fourth of July Parade yesterday. He had so much fun! Thanks, Dave!

  • Tough Year for the Swallows

    Swallows have used the archway above our front door for the past few years. A swallow couple shows up, cleans out the nest, makes the edges a little taller, and raises a brood or two during the summer. Here are a few earlier posts on our swallow friends. Swallows in the House Swallows Move In…

  • Digital Photo Frame

    Wow! Now that’s a digital photo frame.

  • Happy Birthday, Ashley!

    Happy Birthday, Ashley!

    Ashley turns the big two-oh today. She’s no longer a teenager. It’s hard to believe so much time has passed by so quickly. Ordinarily, we’d have a party, but Ashley is in the Dominican Republic teaching English to children at an orphanage. You can read about her adventures on her blog. At the end of…