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  • Happy birthday, Mousse!

    Happy birthday, Mousse!

    Today Mousse turned four. To celebrate, we got her a Puppuccino, walked Central Park and Orenco Station, and let her choose a birthday present at the pet store. Happy birthday, Mousse! Btw, I took a bunch of pictures, hoping to get a good one. They automatically backup to Google, which detects similar pictures and makes…

  • Happy Birthday, Suzi!

    Happy Birthday, Suzi!

    For Suzi’s birthday, we kayaked the Willamette River. We rented from Portland Kayak Company and launched from Willamette Park. We cruised around East Island while I took a bunch of pictures. It was Kevin’s and Yuna’s first times on kayaks — you wouldn’t have known. We all had a blast! We need to do this…

  • Fifty


  • Happy Birthday, Ashley!

    Happy Birthday, Ashley!

    Twenty-five years ago, Suzi and I were meeting our firstborn Ashley for the very first time. What a wonderful young woman Ashley has become. Happy birthday, Ashley! :-)

  • Happy Birthday, Melissa!

    Happy Birthday, Melissa!

    Melissa celebrates her birthday. I wish I was there to celebrate it with her. Happy birthday, Missy! I love you. :-) Photo credit: This awesome picture is Ashley’s. Thanks, Ashley! ;-)

  • Turning Onto 49

    I just turned 49. Life’s only getting better! I can hear you asking, “What can I do to help Brent celebrate?” Here’s the answer: Donate to Matt Mullenweg’s mycharity:water campaign. I did. Go be a donor. You’ll feel good. You will help. Thanks! You can celebrate my birthday until further notice… <;-)

  • Jamison’s Birthday Continues…

    Jamison’s Birthday Continues…

    With all the kids home, Jamison’s birthday celebration continued with a visit to the corn maze, opening presents, and birthday cake.

  • Happy Birthday, Jamison!

    Happy 14th birthday, Jamison. We’re so proud of you!

  • Happy Birthday, Ashley!

    Happy Birthday, Ashley!

    For Ashley’s birthday, she’d requested crepes for brunch. Suzi and Heather discovered a recipe for gluten-free crepes and sent me off to find the last two ingredients: guar gum and Cointreau liqueur. The guar gum was easy to find, the liqueur, not so easy. Who knew liquor stores are closed on Sundays in Oregon? Yeah,…