Ashley out standing in her field

Happy Birthday, Ashley!

For Ashley’s birthday, she’d requested crepes for brunch. Suzi and Heather discovered a recipe for gluten-free crepes and sent me off to find the last two ingredients: guar gum and Cointreau liqueur. The guar gum was easy to find, the liqueur, not so easy. Who knew liquor stores are closed on Sundays in Oregon? Yeah, probably everyone but us. Oh, well. The crepes tasted pretty good without.

Ashley opened her birthday presents with Melissa joining the party via Skype. We all had fun, including the cats. I think know the cats would be happy with a couple of party bags and a ball of aluminum foil.

We headed to Sauvie Island so Ashley could pick some fresh sunflowers. They had so many different varieties. We also found a pumpkin, a melon, and some butternut squash. Mmm.

We went to Papa Haydn on NW 23rd for desserts. Double mmm!

The birthday food wasn’t done. We came home after dessert and Ashley made us yummy pad thai. I’m officially stuffed.

Photo credits: Pictures 14, 15, 19, 20, and 21 by Ashley.