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  • Happy Birthday, Melissa!

    Happy birthday, Melissa! We love you and pray for all the best for you. :-)

  • Happy Birthday, Jamison!

    Happy Birthday, Jamison!

    “Happy Birthday!” continues to be Jamison’s preferred greeting, even a year later. It’s Jamison’s emotional dipstick for me. If I’m feeling good, he knows I’ll respond with “Merry Christmas!” and I’ll get an, “Ooooooooh!” in return. Games dads and sons play. :-)

    Today, though, there’s one important difference: it actually is Jamison’s birthday. So the roles got reversed. I wished Jamison a happy birthday and got “Merry Christmas!” in response. A hug completed the exchange. I expect we’ll repeat this multiple times throughout the day.

    Last weekend, Ashley and Heather came home from college for Jamison’s birthday. To celebrate, we went out to eat, opened presents, and had ice cream cake. Tonight, Jamison and I will go to the guitar group. Good times!

  • Happy Birthday, Heather

    Happy Birthday, Heather!

    My little princess Heather (note the tiara) blows out the candles for her 20th birthday.

    We’ve done this before.

  • Birthday Wishes

    In my inbox this morning:

    The process of living daily life has a changing pace. The rhythms of working life and family provide a baseline of activity that influences our perception of the passing of time. Short-term projects, seasonal activities, and rituals make increasing demands on our schedules temporarily and then fade away. We adjust to the changes, bracing for greater demands and relaxing when the demands subside. We may have a sense of the fullness of our calendars, but it can be tough to really assess how richly we are living each moment.

    Birthdays are a great milestone to measure life. Like a punctuation mark, they break the routine flow of our days. And like reaching the top of a Ferris wheel, they give us a pause, a chance to catch our breath and to see our lives laid out like the geography below us.

    For your birthday, I wish for you the clarity of a mountain top, the joys of being surrounded by the people you love, and the contentment that comes from your heart in knowing you are living your life with integrity and deep personal meaning.

    Wishing you a great day and wonderful year!

    Thanks, Charlene!

  • Happy Birthday, Jamison!

    “Happy Birthday” has been Jamison’s preferred greeting for months. Maybe he thought we would forget his birthday was soon approaching. No chance of that!

    We celebrated Jamison’s birthday in traditional Logan style: multiple days of friends, family, and fun. Earlier this week, Jamison and a few friends visited the corn maze on Sauvie Island. Yesterday we traveled by train, picked out a couple of pumpkins among acres of choices, and floated by boat at Lakeview Farms.

    In the evening, we lighted candles, slaughtered “Happy Birthday,” and gorged on birthday cake. Jamison opened presents. Let me just say that the Nerf Vulcan and the Wii Outdoor Challenge are both stupid fun — and I mean that in the best of ways.

    We stayed up ’till midnight to ring in Jamison’s birthday and then retired, knowing Jamison had set his alarm for shortly before his birth hour of o’dark thirty. The alarm didn’t awake and neither did Jamison until 3 AM. After a couple of befuddled “happy birthdays” we returned to our slumber.

    Today, Jamison is eleven. Happy birthday, son. I’m proud of you!

  • Weekend in Mendocino

    Weekend in Mendocino

    May of Mendocino, CA
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    We traveled to Mendocino, California, to attend a brother’s wedding. We had a wonderful time meeting new people, getting up to date with family and “old” friends, and touring the countryside.

    Once again, Heather celebrated her birthday away from home. Happy birthday, Heather!

    By the way, driving from Mendocino to Portland is a long day’s drive…

  • Happy Birthday, Intel

    Happy Birthday, Intel

    Intel turns 40 today. Engadget honors the event with a “new” Intel logo.

    Happy birthday, Intel!

    Disclosure: I am employed by Intel (at least I was before this post…).

  • Happy Birthday, Jamison

    Jamison attempts to blow the candles out on his cake. ;-)

  • Happy Birthday, Ashley!

    Happy Birthday, Ashley!

    Ashley turns the big two-oh today. She’s no longer a teenager. It’s hard to believe so much time has passed by so quickly.

    Ordinarily, we’d have a party, but Ashley is in the Dominican Republic teaching English to children at an orphanage. You can read about her adventures on her blog.

    At the end of the summer, before Ashley left, we made a three-layer dessert and celebrated early. Somehow, that’s not filling the gap we feel today…

    Happy birthday, kiddo! We’re so proud of you!

    Update: We don’t need Ashley to celebrate her birthday. We made a confetti cake, blew out candles, sang “Happy Birthday,” ate cake, and missed Ashley. When we talked to Ashley later this evening, we learned her students and adopted family had many birthday surprises for her throughout the day.



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