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  • Happy Birthday, Heather!

    Happy Birthday, Heather!

    Happy birthday, Heather! We love you.

  • Happy Birthday, Melissa!

    Happy birthday, Melissa! We love you and pray for all the best for you. :-)

  • Happy Birthday, Jamison!

    Happy Birthday, Jamison!

    “Happy Birthday!” continues to be Jamison’s preferred greeting, even a year later. It’s Jamison’s emotional dipstick for me. If I’m feeling good, he knows I’ll respond with “Merry Christmas!” and I’ll get an, “Ooooooooh!” in return. Games dads and sons play. :-) Today, though, there’s one important difference: it actually is Jamison’s birthday. So the…

  • Happy Birthday, Heather

    My little princess Heather (note the tiara) blows out the candles for her 20th birthday. We’ve done this before.

  • Birthday Wishes

    In my inbox this morning: The process of living daily life has a changing pace. The rhythms of working life and family provide a baseline of activity that influences our perception of the passing of time. Short-term projects, seasonal activities, and rituals make increasing demands on our schedules temporarily and then fade away. We adjust…

  • Happy Birthday, Jamison!

    “Happy Birthday” has been Jamison’s preferred greeting for months. Maybe he thought we would forget his birthday was soon approaching. No chance of that! We celebrated Jamison’s birthday in traditional Logan style: multiple days of friends, family, and fun. Earlier this week, Jamison and a few friends visited the corn maze on Sauvie Island. Yesterday…

  • Weekend in Mendocino

    Weekend in Mendocino

    View Larger Map We traveled to Mendocino, California, to attend a brother’s wedding. We had a wonderful time meeting new people, getting up to date with family and “old” friends, and touring the countryside. Once again, Heather celebrated her birthday away from home. Happy birthday, Heather! By the way, driving from Mendocino to Portland is…

  • Happy Birthday, Intel

    Happy Birthday, Intel

    Intel turns 40 today. Engadget honors the event with a “new” Intel logo. Happy birthday, Intel! Disclosure: I am employed by Intel (at least I was before this post…).

  • Happy Birthday, Jamison

    Jamison attempts to blow the candles out on his cake. ;-)