Happy Birthday, Jamison!

“Happy Birthday!” continues to be Jamison’s preferred greeting, even a year later. It’s Jamison’s emotional dipstick for me. If I’m feeling good, he knows I’ll respond with “Merry Christmas!” and I’ll get an, “Ooooooooh!” in return. Games dads and sons play. :-)

Today, though, there’s one important difference: it actually is Jamison’s birthday. So the roles got reversed. I wished Jamison a happy birthday and got “Merry Christmas!” in response. A hug completed the exchange. I expect we’ll repeat this multiple times throughout the day.

Last weekend, Ashley and Heather came home from college for Jamison’s birthday. To celebrate, we went out to eat, opened presents, and had ice cream cake. Tonight, Jamison and I will go to the guitar group. Good times!

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