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  • Afternoon walk

    Afternoon walk

    We took a walk today. I took some pictures. :-)

  • Pro Publica: Killing the Colorado

    Pro Publica: Killing the Colorado

    Pro Publica is publishing a five-part series on water politics in the West: Killing the Colorado. I tried to find an exemplary quote, but there are too many. Worth your time to read, even the comments are reasonable. Update. This is the fourth time I’ve posted a link to this series. The first and second…

  • The Sound of Summer

    The Sound of Summer

    Maybe it’s just me but this is what summer sounds like.

  • Drip^2


  • Turning Onto 49

    I just turned 49. Life’s only getting better! I can hear you asking, “What can I do to help Brent celebrate?” Here’s the answer: Donate to Matt Mullenweg’s mycharity:water campaign. I did. Go be a donor. You’ll feel good. You will help. Thanks! You can celebrate my birthday until further notice… <;-)

  • Water


    Any day on the water is a great day.

  • Shot While Waiting

    Shot While Waiting

    I took advantage of a short wait by shooting a few pictures.

  • Friday Update From Ashley

    Although Ashley’s Internet access has improved, the drinking water situation has not: First water topic – I am really thirsty! I have a quarter liter left in my water bottle so you would think I would quench my thirst. However, we have been without running water for about 3 days. That means that when you…