Friday Update From Ashley

Although Ashley’s Internet access has improved, the drinking water situation has not:

First water topic – I am really thirsty! I have a quarter liter left in my water bottle so you would think I would quench my thirst. However, we have been without running water for about 3 days. That means that when you turn the faucet, there’s nothing there. We had some water stored in the freezer, but today when I opened it, there was no more left. We all knew it was coming. We rationed pretty well considering. 10 liters of water for 16 people for 3 days. I just hope it comes back fast.

We are concerned. Although the orphanage has deep wells and generators to power the pumps, something broken in the filtration system is preventing their use. I’d say it’s time for the old standby: boiling water and bleach.

Please keep Ashley and the orphanage in your prayers.