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  • Dixie Fog

    Dixie Fog

    A quick trip to Dixie over the weekend yielded foggy photos.

  • The Sound of Summer

    The Sound of Summer

    Maybe it’s just me but this is what summer sounds like.

  • Biking Recap for June 2014

    Biking Recap for June 2014

    It’s the end of the month and time for me to recap how far I’ve biked this month and any major accomplishments. Sorry, but this was a fairly boring month on the bike. A little midday rain stopped me from riding as much during lunch, yet I didn’t get rained on during commuting, just a…

  • Wired


    I wasn’t looking for another shot of wires and pole … honest. I took a detour on the way home to shoot a stand of trees on the far side of a field. It looked good, but only in my mind. The scene’s dynamic range was too great and I didn’t have a tripod with…

  • Folsom Point

    Folsom Point

    Earlier this week, we took a quick stop at Folsom Point to see how low Folsom Lake has dropped. Hiking much of the way down to the water, I turned around and took a shot back up the hill, to where the water level should be.

  • Tension


    No, it’s not Haystack Rock, or trees, or a sunrise. It’s a power pole. And I like it.

  • Misty Grove

    Misty Grove

    Happy Friday the 13th, everyone! Update: I wasn’t happy with my first editing from the original, so I redid it.

  • A View from the Exit Row

    A View from the Exit Row

    Mmm… :-) Today’s airport experience in PDX was downright nice: the TSA was scanning boarding passes at the far end of the line and sending a large portion through the “PRE” line. Those of us lucky enough to be selected went through security pre-9/11 style: coats, shoes, and belts stayed on and computers remained packed.…

  • A View From 4A

    A View From 4A

    On my flight from Portland to Sacramento this morning, I sat on the left side of the plane. Most of the way, I looked out the window.