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  • Swallows — 2019 edition

    Swallows — 2019 edition

    Another year, another crop of barn swallows in our entryway. Unfortunately, just like last year, a heatwave struck the two days they were leaving the nest. Only two of the original five survived. Now that the weather has cooled down again, they are back in the nest with their parents continuously flying in and out to bring them food.

  • Home again

    Home again

    All indications are that the swallows have returned to their nest above our entry.

    I was going to say this is fairly late compared to previous years, but I went and checked. Their arrival dates have been all over the map. I wonder if this means we’ll get two broods this summer. I hope so. :-)

    Welcome home!

  • The swallows have returned

    The swallows have returned

    In years past, we’ve had swallows build a nest and raise their chicks above the arch of our portico. Then, eight years ago, the swallows had a tough year. Their nest fell down and they rebuilt, but then it fell again. They must have decided our brick was too slick because they didn’t come back. Until this year, that is.

    Nice to have them back. :-)

  • Tough Year for the Swallows

    Swallows have used the archway above our front door for the past few years. A swallow couple shows up, cleans out the nest, makes the edges a little taller, and raises a brood or two during the summer.

    Here are a few earlier posts on our swallow friends.

    Earlier this spring, before the swallows appeared, the nest fell. We wondered what the swallows would do. No need to worry. They came back and rebuilt their nest in three days.

    This morning I discovered the new nest on the front mat and the swallow couple flying around. The nest (shown to the left), is amazingly light even though it looks like dried mud.

    I don’t know why the nest has fallen twice in about as many months. I cleaned the brickwork, hoping that might help a new nest stick better.

    Hours later, the swallows have started building a new nest. I hope they have better luck this time.

  • Swallows in the House

    This is our third year having swallows above our entryway — and our third year having a swallow come in the open front door. (Search for “swallow” to find my other posts.)

    Once inside, a swallow seems to get confused and has a hard time finding the exit. Rather than chase it though the house, we decided to shut all the upstairs doors, leave the front door open, and go into another part of the house.

    After all, it’s a barn swallow. It should be able to find its way out of a building.

    Uh oh. I want back to check on our interloper. Things are not improving…

    Update: I heard the swallows chirp so I went to investigate. They’re back outside (and the front door is now closed).

  • Swallows Move In

    Swallow on Nest The swallows have returned and are reclaiming their home. I wonder if they’ll have two clutches again this year.

    It’s time to pressure wash the front porch and put the mat underneath the nest.

  • The Swallows are Back!

    On the way out the door this morning, a swallow swooped low and out the entry way. Looks like they’re going to be back this year!

  • Feed me!

    The three swallow chicks above our entry have become five. Anybody have a dragonfly for these grumpy-looking chicks to eat?

  • Swallow chicks

    The swallows are back this year in the nest over our front entryway. They enlarged the nest, making the walls a little taller. Just this week, bird poop appeared on the mat I had placed under the nest, announcing the arrival of three little chicks.

    When I climbed a ladder to get a closer look, two continued snoozing, while one was hoping for a bug. Sorry, can’t help you there…



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