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Family Vacation — 2020

This last week we had our yearly summer family vacation. This entry is as much diary as pictures. Friday After an atypical last work day before vacation day, we packed up and headed off to our family summer vacation. A couple of the kids had left earlier in the day, taking a kayak and a… Continue reading Family Vacation — 2020

A View From 19E

After a bunch of playing, I take another trip down to Folsom. Dirty windows, hazy skies, and flying too far west to get good views of Diamond Peak or Crater Lake results in this: a heavily edited snap of the engine, wing, and sky over Northern California. Happy trails!

The View From 16E

Oregon was covered in clouds for today’s flight from Portland to Sacramento. I happened to glance out the window and catch Crater Lake through a small gap in the clouds as we flew by. California had a brown haze on the horizon, making only high angle shots reasonable.

The View From 3A

Another flight means another picture post. Usually, when I fly between Portland and Sacramento, I get a window seat on the right side so I can see Crater Lake. I was hoping to see something different, so I reserved a left side window seat. We took off, crested the clouds and headed south. I snapped… Continue reading The View From 3A