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  • Zoo Lights

    Zoo Lights

    Our whole family went to Zoo Lights tonight. Although it didn’t really rain on us, an intermittent mist kept the ground wet and reflective.

  • My 10 Favorite Photos of 2013

    My 10 Favorite Photos of 2013

    Carrying a camera with me most of the time, I take a lot of pictures. I take pictures during my bicycle commute. I take pictures when I fly. I even take pictures while I wait for my flight. And I post a bunch of them. Of the pictures I took and posted in 2013, these…

  • Zoo Lights 2013

    Zoo Lights 2013

    Another Christmas, another Zoo Lights, another opportunity to take cool, blurry pictures. Here are a few more…

  • Zoo Trip

    Zoo Trip

    Yesterday, we took a quick trip to the Oregon Zoo to see Lily, the elephant born last November. It was my second trip to the zoo this week. The weather was nice and the animals were out and visible. Good times!

  • Visit to the Oregon Zoo

    Visit to the Oregon Zoo

    We took a short visit to the Oregon Zoo this afternoon. The weather was misty and the crowds were surprisingly light. The animals were watching us as much as we were watching them.

  • Zoo Lights 2010

    Zoo Lights 2010

    Tonight we went to the Oregon Zoo to see Zoo Lights. The weather was WET; it rained the whole time. We got hot chocolate near the entrance, rode the train, and walked through most of the lighted areas. We didn’t linger. I have more Zoo Lights pictures.

  • Christmas Blobs

    Christmas Blobs

    I attempted to duplicate Aaron Hockley’s “My Christmas Was A Blur.” How hard could it be? Apparently, pretty hard.

  • A Trip to the Oregon Zoo

    A Trip to the Oregon Zoo

    A new baby elephant is a good excuse to visit the zoo.