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Tag: Rock Creek Trail Park

  • Rock Creek Trail on Darth

    Rock Creek Trail on Darth

    The past couple of evenings, I’ve gone for rides on my new-to-me bike Darth. Staying close-ish to home, I visited Orenco park and the Rock Creek Trail. The meadow has sure grown since 2014.

  • Bike Detours

    Bike Detours

    I like riding a bike because it’s so easy to take a quick detour. I can take a picture or two, enjoy a chilly beverage, pick handfuls of blackberries growing along the path, or just notice the view. I did all today. May your detours be as enjoyable as mine. :-)

  • Stand Tall in June

    Stand Tall in June

    Last December, I photographed this stand of trees as “Stand Tall.” It ended up being one of my ten favorite photographs of 2013. At the time, I said I was going to come back and photograph the same scene in different weather and at a different time of the year. Yesterday I did. I’m not…

  • My 10 Favorite Photos of 2013

    My 10 Favorite Photos of 2013

    Carrying a camera with me most of the time, I take a lot of pictures. I take pictures during my bicycle commute. I take pictures when I fly. I even take pictures while I wait for my flight. And I post a bunch of them. Of the pictures I took and posted in 2013, these…

  • Friendly Cloud

    Friendly Cloud

    After this morning’s over the top photo editing, I endeavored to share a photo with no editing other than cropping to my preferred aspect ratio.

  • Stand Tall

    Stand Tall

    With today’s warmer weather, I took my better camera. I wanted to retry yesterday’s shot. I think I like the perspective and framing better. Do you agree? Now to wait for different weather or season…

  • Brisk Stand

    Brisk Stand

    Hillsboro’s temperature continues to be cold — today’s lunch ride was a brisk 24 degrees. Yet, with no wind, I felt warmer and faster than last Friday’s ride. Only my feet were cold, and that’s easily fixable. On the way back, I passed through Rock Creek Trail Park and snapped another photo. I’ve been there…

  • Rock Creek Trail Park Bridge

    Rock Creek Trail Park Bridge

    Another beautiful day in Hillsboro! I took a bike ride, exploring the Rock Creek area north of Highway 26. On the way back, I traveled the same trails as last week. I aimed the camera in the opposite direction to capture the sun peering between the trees, and then went crazy with Google+’s photo editor…