Return loop

A couple of weeks ago, I last biked my local loop through the neighborhoods, Dawson Creek park, and fields. I repeated it again today, thinking that the wheat field would be stubble. Not yet.

Hearts, Part VIII

Our local Dawson Creek park has a tunnel high schoolers pose in for their senior portraits. Its interior is painted black, now flat black, so taggers can use chalk instead of spray paint. This gambit is only partially successful. Regardless, after a quick pressure wash and a fresh coat, it’s primed for more artwork.1Actually, I don’t know if: (1) Chalk “tagging” is allowed, (2) The flat, black paint is merely an attempt to encourage already-illegal behavior to be less destructive, or (3) Someone in facilities accidentally grabbed flat paint instead of the original, glossy black paint to cover over some earlier tags and people are taking advantage of the accidental chalkboard.

I found this set of hearts on a recent walk there with my dad.

Be Kind! Rewind!
Tweet! Tweet!

Photo Walk

Driving by the airport, I noticed daisies growing on the bank across the street. I parked at the nearest spot and walked back, taking pictures along the way. I met up with Ashley and Mousse. We walked through Orenco Station, then back to Dawson Creek where I took a picture of my favorite grove of trees.


Walking around Dawson Creek Park, I found this tree budding by a newly plowed field.

By the way, I learned something useful writing this post. Since joining Instagram, I have wanted to post my Instagram pictures on my blog. I find the Instagram editor to be simple to use. It also makes what I can only describe as clean pictures easy to make. Based on local photog Aaron Hockley’s experience, I tried the free version of Instagrate to WordPress plugin.

Instagrate works as advertised, but the images it imports are limited to 640 pixels square. That’s too small for my featured images. I need 775 pixels to display full width on the front end and like to import 1,600 pixels into the back end. Researching the web showed that 640 pixels is currently the maximum size of Instagram pictures. I also learned that my phone might store a larger version of my Instagram pictures in its memory. It does! And they are 2442 X 2442 pixels, much larger than I want or need.

I’m a happy camper. No, I don’t get the cool automatic posting of Instagrate, but I do get the look and resolution I want.

B&W photo challenge, day 3

I have a swell commute. I ride my bike, rain or shine, about four and a half miles to work. At the end of the day, I ride back home. My commute could be a mile shorter each way, but that would have me biking on a narrower, curvier road where the traffic tends to encroach on the bike lane. It also wouldn’t take me through Dawson Creek Park, a beautiful park with expansive lawns, picturesque ponds, and tall trees.

Late last year, each morning on the ride to work, I started taking pictures in the park. It was an interesting exercise in creativity, forcing me to take a publishable shot each day. Even after I broke my streak, I continued to take pictures when the conditions were right.

This is one of those pictures.1Originally posted as Misty Grove.

Daily Commute IV

Work this morning started with a 7 AM meeting.1Just one of the benefits of working for a multinational corporation. Time zone coordination is critical, as is sharing the pain of inconvenient meeting times. After the meeting, I headed off to work on my bike. In Dawson Creek Park, I saw some ducklings for the second time this season and the three families of Canada geese with goslings that hang out together. Although they’ve had gray coloration for a while,2When Canada geese goslings hatch, they’re yellow! it seems like just this week that they’ve started having white and black tail feathers. I guess I’ll have to go check some earlier photos. And of course, I took a picture of my favorite clump of trees.

What a great way to start my Friday!

Evening Commute

The weather was beautiful during my regular lunch ride. With my morning’s successful panorama at Dawson Creek, I figured I’d take another pano at Rock Creek Trail Park. I parked the bike, spun the circle, and continued my ride. When I got back to my cube … no picture. I’m not sure what happened. Guess I’ll try again tomorrow.

I tried another on the way through Dawson Creek on the way home. Huh, that one worked.

I’m not sure how useful the 360-degree panorama is. The are very wide, very short pictures without a lot of visible detail. Maybe I need to find a better way of presenting them on my blog.

Time for more experimentation… ;-)

Daily Commute III

During my bike ride this morning, I took a quick stop to take another picture at my regular photo spot. For fun, I tried the panorama mode on my new smartphone. It includes more than 360 degrees. Ha! I’m not sure the value of that… :-D