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  • Zoo Lights

    Zoo Lights

    Our whole family went to Zoo Lights tonight. Although it didn’t really rain on us, an intermittent mist kept the ground wet and reflective.

  • Zoo Lights 2013

    Zoo Lights 2013

    Another Christmas, another Zoo Lights, another opportunity to take cool, blurry pictures. Here are a few more…

  • Zoo Lights 2010

    Zoo Lights 2010

    Tonight we went to the Oregon Zoo to see Zoo Lights. The weather was WET; it rained the whole time. We got hot chocolate near the entrance, rode the train, and walked through most of the lighted areas. We didn’t linger. I have more Zoo Lights pictures.

  • Christmas Blobs

    Christmas Blobs

    I attempted to duplicate Aaron Hockley’s “My Christmas Was A Blur.” How hard could it be? Apparently, pretty hard.