Christmas Blobs

Even more blobs

I attempted to duplicate Aaron Hockley’sMy Christmas Was A Blur.” How hard could it be?

Apparently, pretty hard. I took pictures of sheets of Christmas lights while panning and/or rotating my Canon Digital Rebel XT. It didn’t record continuous blurry lines. Instead, I got discrete, blurry blobs. Not exactly the effect I was expecting. (Click the pictures for larger, “clearer” views of my blobs.)

I tried something similar with my cell phone’s video capabilities.

More blobs. And now I feel a little dizzy. *<:-)

Oh well. Ignore Aaron’s awesome picture. This is what I intended. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

By Brent Logan

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    1. Ho! I had lots of fun. *<:-)

      Looks like maybe I should use a darker light source, maybe my Christmas tree instead of the sheets of lights at Zoo Lights, mount the camera on a tripod, set a slow ISO, and pan a little more slowly.

      Getting the discrete blobs instead of a line really surprised me.

    2. My photo was made with my S90, set to manual mode. I held it by the little wrist strap, then spun the camera around and around so that it was quite would up. I stood next to a red/green sheet of lights at ZooLights and held the camera out… I quickly pressed the shutter then let the camera "unwind" and spin at a very high rate of speed.

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