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  • PDX photowalk

    PDX photowalk

    Recently, I had an extra hour at Portland’s airport. I was half an hour early and Jamison’s plane was half an hour late. Knowing I’d be early, I’d taken my camera. I explored the MAX station, through the South tunnel to the new rental car area, and along the ride-hailing pickup zone.

  • Sea wall

    Sea wall

  • My favorite photos of 2019

    My favorite photos of 2019

    Every year, I post my favorite photos. Some years, I’ve been able to cut it down to my top ten, but not this year. For that matter, I couldn’t limit myself to fewer than eleven photos from Cannon Beach… :-D Many years, I’ve also posted my top nine from Instagram, but again, not this year,…

  • Cannon Beach

    Cannon Beach

    Today, Suzi, Heather, Melissa, Jamison, Gilligan, and I visited Cannon Beach. Gilligan played fetch and swam the creek. Jamison flew his drone. We all walked to Haystack Rock and the Needles. And I took pictures. At the Rock, I talked to a gentleman who claimed to have walked through the cave on the side of…

  • Dew Sunrise

    Dew Sunrise

    Another vivid sunrise, faintly visible in the dew drops on the car roof.

  • Light patterns

    Light patterns

    When the sun gets lower in the sky, it shines through the glass blocks onto the wall by the entryway.

  • Blocked


    Glass block by the entry.

  • Fluorescent Reflections

    Fluorescent Reflections

    I showed up early and noticed the reflections in the polished concrete floor. Mmm… :-)

  • My favorite photos of 2017

    My favorite photos of 2017

    At the end of every year, I review the pictures I’ve posted here and choose my favorites. The pics are in chronological order — this was my year. Here’s my favorite animation from the year. Do you have a favorite? The pics are from the following posts: Quick evening trip to Cannon Beach Family Day…