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My 10 Favorite Photos of 2013

Carrying a camera with me most of the time, I take a lot of pictures. I take pictures during my bicycle commute. I take pictures when I fly. I even take pictures while I wait for my flight. And I post a bunch of them.

Of the pictures I took and posted in 2013, these are nine of my favorite.

Finally, I include my favorite animated GIF from the year.

That makes an even ten. Do you have a favorite? Did I miss your favorite?

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2 responses to “My 10 Favorite Photos of 2013”

  1. blueviking Avatar

    All of them are superb, but if I had to pick a favorite out of the ten it’s probably “Stand Tall.”

  2. Brent Logan Avatar

    Thanks! I’m pretty happy with that picture. I’ll be revisiting that location later when the weather changes.