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Tag: Mt. Shasta

  • A View From the Nerd Bird

    A View From the Nerd Bird

    Another day trip to Folsom, a few more pictures out the window. Update. A few more pictures from the trip home.

  • A View from 5C

    A View from 5C

    An early morning flight from HIO to MHR this morning yielded pre-dawn views of Mt. Shasta.

  • Flying By Mount Shasta

    Flying By Mount Shasta

    Flying by Mount Shasta, I took a bunch of pictures and made a large animated GIF (3.31 MB).

  • Yet Another View From 19E

    Yet Another View From 19E

    It’s nice to have a new pocket camera for taking snapshots out of the plane window. It was cloudy most of the way so I didn’t see Mt. Thielsen, Diamond Peak, or Crater Lake. I snapped this shortly after takeoff from PDX. As I walked in the gentle mist in Folsom, I heard someone say,…

  • Headed Home in 16A

    Headed Home in 16A

    I sit in Sacramento airport’s Terminal B, surveying the fields to the north. It’s quiet here now. The flights to Seattle and LA have pushed back, emptying the terminal of their travelers. The ventilation fans are taking a rest. A lady nearby chats on her mobile. A kid in a baggy knit hat pulls his…

  • Another View From 4E

    Another View From 4E

    Another trip, another window seat, again in 4E. Diamond Peak is covered in snow, as is Summit Lake. Mount Shasta “moved me.” ;-) The Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area reflects the late morning sun. Terminal B’s link to the parking lot also caught my attention.

  • Road Trip: Fair Oaks, CA to Dixie, WA

    Road Trip: Fair Oaks, CA to Dixie, WA

    Yesterday, we made an unplanned road trip to Dixie, Wash. to visit family. Although the trip was supposed to take nearly fourteen hours, we made a few stops along the way. There were random vista points, a photo op with a sign in front of Taco Bell in Weed, CA, a couple of work zones…

  • Mt. Shasta Vista Point

    Mt. Shasta Vista Point

    On our “quick” drive from Hillsboro to Fair Oaks, we stopped at Mt. Shasta Vista Point, a first for me.

  • The View From 4E

    The View From 4E

    I’m a big guy — I don’t fit in planes very well. I still request a window seat, even though they’re more sardineous, because I love the view. I do believe it’s time to get a seat on the left side. Don’t miss my enhanced engine shot. :-)