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  • Another View From Another Plane

    Another View From Another Plane

    Flying to Folsom, I looked out the window and snapped some shots.

    Although Dorris, CA might not look like much to you, we drove through Dorris a couple of years ago and discovered a huge flag pole.1It’s kinda huggable. ;-) At maximum resolution, zoomed in, I think I might be able to see the flag pole.

    Flying home, I saw Christmas lights on houses and displays in some yards. Very nice! Also cool was how bare limbs passing before lights made them appear to blink.

  • Road Trip: Fair Oaks, CA to Dixie, WA

    Road Trip: Fair Oaks, CA to Dixie, WA

    Yesterday, we made an unplanned road trip to Dixie, Wash. to visit family.

    Although the trip was supposed to take nearly fourteen hours, we made a few stops along the way. There were random vista points, a photo op with a sign in front of Taco Bell in Weed, CA, a couple of work zones on Highway 97, and a fun restroom stop in Dorris, CA where we discovered what, when erected, was the largest flagpole in the United States. We also stopped at Sunriver (where we recently vacationed) to enjoy milkshakes from Goody’s and pizza from Blondie’s. Mmm… :-)

    Fifteen hours later, we de-carred. Even though the scenery was beautiful, I wouldn’t want to make that drive every day.

    At one vista point on Highway 97, I met an older gentleman riding a bike to Chico on his way to Southern California. From there, he was headed the southern route to Kentucky. Last year, he’d biked 3,000 miles. This year, he’s already biked 2,000.



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