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  • Return loop

    Return loop

    A couple of weeks ago, I last biked my local loop through the neighborhoods, Dawson Creek park, and fields. I repeated it again today, thinking that the wheat field would be stubble. Not yet.

  • Photo ride

    Photo ride

    After work, my bike was calling my name. As it was too late for caffeine, I headed off to my friends: the wheat field and the power pole. One of the advantages of touring around on a bike is how easy it is to jump off and take a couple of pictures. For once, the…

  • Shute Substation Pole

    Shute Substation Pole

    On the northeast corner of the Shute Substation stands this pole. Yes, I have a thing for poles.

  • Light Pole

    Light Pole

    At my regular MAX stop, there are concrete light poles.

  • Morning Pole

    Morning Pole

    A couple of days ago, as I walked from the parking lot to the MAX station, I heard a mourning dove. The previous morning, I’d heard a dove and quickly found it, not in the trees, but on the power lines. This day, I didn’t see it on the power lines or in the trees.…

  • Anaheim Pole

    Anaheim Pole

    Walking from Disneyland back to our lodging, I had to take a picture of this pole. Yeah, I know it’s more than one picture and I know … it’s a pole, but still, it’s a cool pole. :-)

  • Downey Pole

    Downey Pole

    A quick stop at Arco in Downey. A quick shot of a power pole. And back into the traffic.

  • Signal Post

    Signal Post

    After taking the picture of the oak tree, I left my camera hanging on its strap around my neck as a continued biking home. Wouldn’t you know, I had to stop for a red light. So I did what I normally do with my camera: take a picture of a pole.

  • Pole


    During lunch, I have been biking over to inspect the construction on Brookwood Parkway and NW Huffman Street. There is a new industrial park going in north of Huffman and Brookwood is being widened to include more lanes, bike lanes, and sidewalks. Just this week, all the trees along the sides and in the median…