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  • PDX photowalk

    PDX photowalk

    Recently, I had an extra hour at Portland’s airport. I was half an hour early and Jamison’s plane was half an hour late. Knowing I’d be early, I’d taken my camera. I explored the MAX station, through the South tunnel to the new rental car area, and along the ride-hailing pickup zone.

  • SMF Terminal B Skybridge

    SMF Terminal B Skybridge

    After dropping Melissa off for a flight home, I headed back to the car through SMF’s Terminal B skybridge.

  • Recent Shots

    Recent Shots

    A few shots from the past week or so.

  • Another View From 4E

    Another View From 4E

    Another trip, another window seat, again in 4E. Diamond Peak is covered in snow, as is Summit Lake. Mount Shasta “moved me.” ;-) The Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area reflects the late morning sun. Terminal B’s link to the parking lot also caught my attention.