Yet Another View From 19E

It’s nice to have a new pocket camera for taking snapshots out of the plane window. It was cloudy most of the way so I didn’t see Mt. Thielsen, Diamond Peak, or Crater Lake. I snapped this shortly after takeoff from PDX.

As I walked in the gentle mist in Folsom, I heard someone say, “This is Portland weather.” It made me feel right at home. :-)

Another View From 17E

This week I traveled to Folsom and back. I sat in seat 17E both ways.

Heading south, I took some pictures. Heading north, it was too dark so I talked to the Kiwi next sitting to me. Unfortunately, the engine noise was too loud for reasonable conversation so I retreated back to my book.

I discovered I need another camera. The last P&S quit not long ago because it got junk somewhere inside its lens.  I replaced it with a similar P&S we had sitting around. It takes good pictures — some of the time. Other times, it doesn’t focus, even when set in landscape mode. There’s no warning and it’s impossible to tell from its little screen. Melissa told me it was dropped on its lens and came apart. So I’m back to shopping for a camera.

My needs are simple:

  • Small enough to fit in my shirt pocket
  • Able to focus on infinity (landscape mode)
  • Cheap

Any recommendations?

Yet Another View From 3E

It is time to visit my team in Folsom and thus time to post more pictures from the flight from PDX to SMF. Once again, I got seat 3E. It’s a good seat; I like it. :-)

Although the Bombardier Dash 8 is a slower plane it also flies lower than the jets Horizon used to fly on this route. The views it offers are much better than those from 37,000 feet.

My rental car is a Nissan Cube. It’s fun to drive, though a lot cooler than I am. I had to untuck my shirt and crank Jack FM to fit in.

I apologize if the pictures look overly processed. The window was dirty and scratched and the air was hazy.