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  • Sunrise at the Hillsboro Airport

    Sunrise at the Hillsboro Airport

    In every direction, the clouds were different this morning.

  • The bridge to PDX

    The bridge to PDX

    About a week ago, Suzi and I dropped Melissa off at the airport. Normally, I park on the fourth floor of short term parking because that is the skybridge floor. As I got off the ramp, I noticed the sign said one parking space was available. What?! There was a car ahead of me, too.…

  • Live-Action SMF Shot

    Live-Action SMF Shot

    I showed up early for my flight home tonight and the flight was delayed. Balance in the universe is maintained. What are the odds that I would find someone I know in the SMF airport? You’re right — zero. But it didn’t stop me from trying. In my search, I walked by a shop selling…

  • SMF Photowalk

    SMF Photowalk

    I arrived at SMF with too much time on my hands and a camera. Problem solved.

  • Sunset on the Tarmac

    Sunset on the Tarmac

    My flight home tonight left as the sun was setting. Unfortunately, I sat on the wrong side to photograph the colors. I snapped this shot before planing.

  • Morning Ride

    Morning Ride

    I’m working from home this morning; a window installer is coming by to give me a quote on replacing a window. My morning white mocha was still calling me, though, so I rode my bike to Starbucks and sat in a chair outside to enjoy my drink. On the way home, I saw this view…

  • Trip to Asia — Beijing Wednesday

    Trip to Asia — Beijing Wednesday

  • Airport blogging

    I’m at the PDX airport, waiting for my flight. Yet, I’m online, using my laptop, completely unwired. Too cool.