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  • Portland Walk

    Portland Walk

    Saturday afternoon, Suzi, Troy, Kristi, and I walked downtown Portland. We attempted to rent bicycles, learning how next time we can rent more than one bicycle per account. Along the way, I took pictures, including one with Vera. Thanks, Vera!

  • The bridge to PDX

    The bridge to PDX

    About a week ago, Suzi and I dropped Melissa off at the airport. Normally, I park on the fourth floor of short term parking because that is the skybridge floor. As I got off the ramp, I noticed the sign said one parking space was available. What?! There was a car ahead of me, too.…

  • Tilikum Crossing

    Tilikum Crossing

    I’m looking forward to walking across Tilikum Crossing.

  • Brisk Stand

    Brisk Stand

    Hillsboro’s temperature continues to be cold — today’s lunch ride was a brisk 24 degrees. Yet, with no wind, I felt warmer and faster than last Friday’s ride. Only my feet were cold, and that’s easily fixable. On the way back, I passed through Rock Creek Trail Park and snapped another photo. I’ve been there…