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  • Portland Walk

    Portland Walk

    Saturday afternoon, Suzi, Troy, Kristi, and I walked downtown Portland. We attempted to rent bicycles, learning how next time we can rent more than one bicycle per account. Along the way, I took pictures, including one with Vera. Thanks, Vera!

  • A street view of Park Avenue West

    A street view of Park Avenue West

    “The top floor is $3 million, the middle $2 million, and the bottom, $1 million,” said the man selling Street Roots cater-corner from the grand entrance of Portland’s new Park Avenue West building. “I don’t know what I’d do with a million-dollar studio.” I had to agree.

  • Parking Garage

    Parking Garage

    One of the cool things about shopping is visiting (and taking pictures of) parking garages. It’s not the coolest thing, but, still… ;-)

  • Boxed In

    Boxed In

    While waiting for the post office to open, I explored the box area.

  • My day in D.C.

    My day in D.C.

    Today I spent a quick day in D.C., touring a few places as part of the GAiN Conference. We went to the National Geographic Museum and watched Jerusalem3D. Then we went to the Newseum. We drove through by the Jefferson Memorial and stopped at the Lincoln Memorial and the Martin Luther King, Jr., Memorial.

  • The bridge to PDX

    The bridge to PDX

    About a week ago, Suzi and I dropped Melissa off at the airport. Normally, I park on the fourth floor of short term parking because that is the skybridge floor. As I got off the ramp, I noticed the sign said one parking space was available. What?! There was a car ahead of me, too.…

  • Human Reef

    Human Reef

    For my fifth day in a week of nature photography, I chose a picture of the downtown Portland waterfront. You might think this isn’t nature. If so, I have a few points: Humans are not outside of nature. We are as much a part of nature as any other species. Would you consider an anthill…

  • Portland Photowalk

    Portland Photowalk

    Jamison wanted a ride to the east side this morning, so I played taxi driver. While waiting for Jamison to get done, I walked Portland with Ashley’s camera. :-)

  • Seven


    Looking up at Hillsboro’s civic center.