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  • Three trees

    Three trees

    Starbucks buddy Rich and I decided it was time for another walk on the Banks to Vernonia trail. I grabbed my camera in case I found something. These three trees called to me.

  • Line of trees

    Line of trees

    A line of trees edges the field and sky.

  • Backyard Happiness

    Backyard Happiness

    Sitting on the porch swing, I noticed the lawn I’d mowed a couple of days ago, the trees at the far end of the yard, and the blue sky. Ahh! :-)

  • Daily Commute IV

    Daily Commute IV

    Work this morning started with a 7 AM meeting. After the meeting, I headed off to work on my bike. In Dawson Creek Park, I saw some ducklings for the second time this season and the three families of Canada geese with goslings that hang out together. Although they’ve had gray coloration for a while,…

  • Misty Grove

    Misty Grove

    Happy Friday the 13th, everyone! Update: I wasn’t happy with my first editing from the original, so I redid it.

  • Stand Tall

    Stand Tall

    With today’s warmer weather, I took my better camera. I wanted to retry yesterday’s shot. I think I like the perspective and framing better. Do you agree? Now to wait for different weather or season…

  • Brisk Stand

    Brisk Stand

    Hillsboro’s temperature continues to be cold — today’s lunch ride was a brisk 24 degrees. Yet, with no wind, I felt warmer and faster than last Friday’s ride. Only my feet were cold, and that’s easily fixable. On the way back, I passed through Rock Creek Trail Park and snapped another photo. I’ve been there…

  • Clouds + Trees + Field

    Clouds + Trees + Field

    Unlike last week, my morning bike ride is not the mile and a half to the Sunriver village; it’s three-plus miles to work. As a plus, I get to take pictures from my “favorite photo spot” across from the airport.