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  • Airport blogging, part II

    Once again, I sit in an airport terminal, blogging. However, unlike last time, the experience is not “too cool.” My flight from Sacramento to Portland is delayed about two hours, meaning I won’t take off until after I was supposed to land. And the wireless, though it exists, is not free. I’m too cheap to…

  • Airport blogging

    I’m at the PDX airport, waiting for my flight. Yet, I’m online, using my laptop, completely unwired. Too cool.

  • WiFi disconnects solved, NOT

    My work laptop was recently upgraded to Windows XP Pro SP2. Now my wireless access doesn’t work. Ever two to three minutes, my wireless link shuts down and attempts to restart. Half the time, it doesn’t succeed. When I connect directly, it’s not too irritating. When I’m using VPN to connect to the Outlook server…